Cory Roth



As a professional problem solver, information visualizer, and future thinker, I am committed to creating the meaningful, the useful, and the wonderful.

Born and raised in Ohio, I was a student, artist, industrial designer, graphic designer, entrepreneur, non-profit creator, and teacher. Then a friend introduced me to UX and we fit together like peas and carrots. I headed west to intern at CP+B, then spent four years at Deutsch LA, where I worked with an amazing team to build world-class platforms for clients like Volkswagen, Taco Bell, and Target. More recently, I was the Experience Design Lead at DogVacay, where I led a team in redesigning the service's iOS and Android platforms.

Today, I am a Senior Product Designer at a stealth startup, working on super top secret stuff that I can't tell you about.

In my spare time, I enjoy playing tennis, golfing, hiking, biking, and attempting to convince Californians of the greatness of the Buckeyes, LeBron James, and Cedar Point.