Cory Roth



Cobego Design, LLC

Co-Founder & Designer, c.2010-2012

After graduation, four classmates and I founded Cobego, a full-service design firm, with the mission to help people transform their ideas into products that made the world better.

We developed brand identities and websites for a surgeon starting a nonprofit that offered free cleft palate operations for children in Mexico, and a construction worker with a solution to improve in-home hospice care. We made taps and labels for a local brewery. We modeled large-scale machinery for a bio-engineering company that turned algae into fuel. We even invented, prototyped, produced, and sold several of our own products, including a table for Sandplay Therapy and the Tool Canvas, a portable tool storage unit. Here's a sample of our work.



More commonly referred to as a colugo or flying lemur, a cobego doesn’t fly, nor is it a lemur. A cobego is an arboreal gliding mammal found in the tropical rainforests of Southeast Asia. They resemble very large flying squirrels, though they are most closely related to primates, and can glide upwards of 70 meters without losing height, the longest distance for any animal. The cobego is a highly adapted and truly unique animal.