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The all-new

Lead UX Designer, c.2013-2015  |  Visit Site

The new takes a radically simple approach to the often confusing process of purchasing a vehicle. You can search for features you want, within your budget, and find actual inventory nearby. Using over 10 million dynamically-served renders to showcase every feature, configuration, and color combination, you can get a true sense of your dream car before you ever step foot in the dealership.


As a core member of the creative team, I helped ideate, develop, craft, and document all of the all-new

I joined Deutsch in 2013 to work on the ground-up redesign of Over the course of six sprints, I was tasked with designing most of the site's core features, including Find A Match, Inventory Results, Model Pages, Find a Dealer, and the Homepage. After a few months of development, testing, and refinement, the new was launched in April 2014. Post-launch, I stepped into a new role as the lead experience designer for, where I led the UX efforts on the Mobile redesign, Build Your Own, and Special Offers, plus every enhancement, sales event, and model year changeout in between.

In two years on the project, I personally created more than 1000 pages of final wireframes, a novel's worth of annotations, a small tree in sketches, and a few dozen user flows.


"This feels like a case study for best practices in user experience."

Communication Arts Interactive Annual

The redesigned won 11 UX and Design awards, including: Gold for Best Brand Experience at the User Experience Awards; a Silver Effie for Media Innovation in an Existing Channel; Finalist for Optimizing at the IxDA Interaction Design Awards; a Silver and Bronze Pencil for User Web Experience and Web Utility, respectively; and Think LA's Innovator of the Year award.

The mobile redesign that I spearheaded saw huge improvements in key performance metrics, including a 114% increase in dealer actions, a 323% increase in lead submissions, and a 745% increase in access to new inventory.


The Team

Design: Andy Hsu, Pelun Chen, Marcus Silva, Jun Ikeya, Desmond Hsu, Erin Burrell, Phillip Go. UX: Adam Sant, Cory Roth, Fred Leveau, David Chen, Eugene Park. Dev: Justice Erolin, Marc Gowland, Sean Klosky, Tatiana Campbell, Jeremy Bunting, Karl Pablo, Bilal Elreda, Sue Ioanis, Krisha Agatep, Trevor O'Brien, Nick Velloff. Strategy: Bud Cadell, Brendon Volpe. Copy: Tim Shin, Carrie Tallick. Production: Pam Scheideler, Melissa Eccles, IV Tench, Lauren Brown, Caitlin Roberts, Garrett Lauringson, Margaret Liu, Margaret Ballesteros, Tessa Bodey. Account: John Deschner, Perry Cottrell, Ian Phillips, Kristie Weston, Jamie Ortega, Taylor Smith, Hamidah Chang. VW: Paige Parrent, Vinay Shahani.


My Work

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