Cory Roth


UX Design Lead, c.2015-2016   |   Visit Site

From Little Darth to Lil' Sweet, Deutsch has created some of the most iconic commercials in the world. Chances are you've seen one, or one hundred. Once a small, traditional agency that hung its hat in the broadcasting world, Deutsch transformed into a digital force with work on,, and more. In 2015, it was time for a rebrand, a bold new identity and website to showcase the work we were pumping out for clients on both coasts. After three months, several gallons of Whole Foods' cold brew, and a whole lot of internal reviews, the new was unveiled.


The Team

Creative Directors: Cris Strittmater, Christine Outram. UX: Cory Roth. Copy: Ben Majoy. Design: Erin Burrell, Justin Graham. Technology: Ali Klein, Corey Newhouse, Sue Ioanis. Production: Emily Simpson, Nick Ngai.


My Work

Selected samples of my work, 100% handcrafted by me